Sample the contents of Gratitude Prompts, the book 

We know it's important to be grateful. We know we should have a gratitude practice and we really try. We buy a pretty journal to write down what we are grateful for. For a while it works.  

Then something happens and 'life gets in the way.' The pretty journal is simply gathering dust on the bedside table.  

I know, I've been there! Life gets in the way because it gets too hard to know what to write. After all, how many times can you be grateful for your friends, partner, kids, work and health?  

This is where Gratitude Prompts comes in. 

What others have said "I was moved by the stories of Karen's life. It has certainly helped cultivate my daily practice." EC Kelly

"It gave me things to think about that I hadn't done before. Loved the topics Acceptance and Attention." A Finch

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