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'This book will change lives,' said a reviewer and that is what it can do for you and you don't even need to read it from cover to cover! This book covers 65 topics in 245 pages, some are what you would expect others not. That's because, gratitude is an emotion and opens doors of abundance and apprecation.

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What Gratitude Prompts is about?

We know it's important to be grateful. We know we should have a gratitude practice and we really try. We buy a pretty journal to write down what we are grateful for. For a while it works. 

Then something happens and 'life gets in the way.' The pretty journal is simply gathering dust on the bedside table.

I know, I've been there! Life gets in the way because it gets too hard to know what to write. After all, how many times can you be grateful for your friends, partner, kids, work and health?

This is where Gratitude Prompts comes in. 

You open the book at a random page by using your intuition to guide you. Turn to be beginning of the topic. Read the quote and the story which combines my experience with information to spark your thoughts about how the topic is in your life. Finally, there are three suggested actions to get you going.

How comforting is that? No more wondering whether you are covering all the bases or are simply overwhelmed facing a new blank page each day.

What's more, even when you return to the same topic, what you write is different because you are not the same.

What Others Are Saying

The categories weren't what I expected.

I was curious what was in the book and appreciated the surprise of the topics. I was moved by Karen's stories. I really enjoyed it.

Gratitude Prompts is an invitation to be grateful for so many things.


Karen's book is a delight.

 I've been doing gratitude journalling for years and gained many insights and 'aha' moments as I worked my way through the book.

.... there is something for everyone.


Karen's "Gratitude Prompts" has helped me to better see the gift that life brings

... Both during the hills as well as the valleys, and how to be grateful during all those moments.


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Gratitude Prompts softcover
Gratitude Prompts softcover